You can find on this page the Monaco old map to print and to download in PDF. The Monaco historical map and the vintage map of Monaco present the past and evolutions of the city of Monaco in Monaco.

Monaco historical map

Map of Monaco historical

The Monaco old map shows evolutions of Monaco city. This historical map of Monaco will allow you to travel in the past and in the history of Monaco in Monaco. The Monaco ancient map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Monaco historical name comes from the 6th century BC nearby Phocaean Greek colony. Referred to the Ligurians as Monoikos, from the Greek "μόνοικος", "single house", from "μόνος" (monos) "alone, single" + "οἶκος" (oikos) "house", which bears the sense of a people either settled in a "single habitation" or of "living apart" from others (see Monaco historical map).

Monaco was refounded in 1215 as a colony of Genoa as its shown in Monaco historical map. Monaco was first ruled by a member of the House of Grimaldi in 1297, when Francesco Grimaldi, known as "Il Malizia" (translated from Italian either as "The Malicious One" or "The Cunning One"), and his men captured the fortress protecting the Rock of Monaco while dressed as a Franciscan monk – a Monaco in Italian, although this is a coincidence as the historical area was already known by this name.

Monaco thus became vassals of the French kings while at the same time remaining sovereign princes as you can see in Monaco historical map. As successive princes and their families spent most of their lives in Paris, and through marriages with French nobilities, the House of Grimaldi, though Italian in origin, became thoroughly French in character. The historical principality of Monaco continued its existence as a protectorate of France until the French Revolution.

Monaco vintage map

Map of Monaco antique

The Monaco vintage map give a unique insight into the history and evolution of Monaco city. This vintage map of Monaco with its antique style will allow you to travel in the past of Monaco in Monaco. The Monaco vintage map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

According to an ancient myth, Hercules passed through the vintage Monaco area and turned away the previous gods. As a result, a vintage temple was constructed there, the temple of Hercules Monoikos as its mentioned in Monaco vintage map. Because the only temple of this area was the "House" of Hercules, the city was called Monoikos.

The vintage principality of Monaco became a French protectorate once again. Prior to this time there was unrest in Menton and Roquebrune where the towns people had become weary of heavy taxation by the Grimaldis (see Monaco vintage map). They declared their independence, hoping for annexation by Sardinia, France protested. The unrest continued until Charles III gave up his claim to the two mainland towns, (some 95% of the principality at the time) which had been ruled by the Grimaldis for over 500 years.

The transfer and Monaco sovereignty was recognized by the Franco-Monegasque Treaty of 1861 (see Monaco vintage map). In 1869, the vintage principality of Monaco stopped collecting income tax from its residents—an indulgence the Grimaldis could afford to entertain thanks solely to the extraordinary success of the casino. This made Monaco not only a playground for the rich, but a favored place for them to live.